World Vision U.S. announces new president and CEO: Edgar Sandoval

World Vision U.S. announces new president and CEO: Edgar Sandoval

This is a great time for us. Richard Stearns, the second CEO of World Vision, has been such a great and powerful influence in Iconnectu. His book The Hole In Our Gospel is the second most influential piece in our journey. In it he outlines the plight of need in our world and what it […]

customer feedback service

Out with the Old, In with the New!


Why More and More Companies Are Turning to Customer Feedback Calls A few years ago, e-mail customer surveys were considered the standard. Today, e-mail boxes are overloaded and what was meant to be a positive customer survey e-mail can easily become a nuisance.  Iconnectu’s comprehensive customer feedback service is different from most.  We have highly […]


iconnectu – Impact in Communities

“The generous contributions of our corporate partners enable World Vision to make a powerful impact in communities here at home and around the world. With a wide range of turnkey and tailored partnership opportunities, programs and infrastructure in nearly 100 countries, and proven, trusted expertise, we help hundreds of companies each year make meaningful investments […]

Michelle Grunberg

The Driving Force

How iconnectu became leading CX follow-up product “Early mornings I would take a run past a grocery store that was discarding food daily. I would then see on the news the plea for help for the poorest around the world – clean water, medicine, and education. This disconnect was the driving force in creating Iconnectu. […]

Three Ways Customer Feedback Calls Can Elevate Your Business

Three Ways Customer Feedback Calls Can Elevate Your Business


Customer feedback calls are a valuable tool for any size business. When managed by a neutral third party, customer feedback phone calls can yield valuable information that otherwise may not be obtained by in-house staff. When iconnectu conducts customer survey calls, we put the customer at ease and encourage open and free communication. This allows […]

Customer Service Exchange

Meet us at the Customer Experience Exchange for Travel and Hospitality

We are looking forward to attending the Customer Experience Exchange for Travel and Hospitality (May 23-24, Miami) which is an exclusive gathering of elite Customer Experience Travel and Hospitality industry leaders. We have secured three VIP places at 20% discounted rate for our clients and would like to offer one to you! The Exchange is strictly invite-only […]

Customer Experience Exchange

Customer Experience Exchange for Travel & Hospitality

We’re very proud to announce that we will be attending the Customer Experience Exchange for Travel & Hospitality Exchange (23rd – 24th May) >> I want you to join us! An Exchange is made up of innovative learning and networking opportunities that keep even the most senior business leaders engaged. The Exchange is an […]

Grow Business Organically

A Business Growth Consultant Can Show You How to Grow Business Organically

Many companies literally lose out on thousands of dollars in potential revenue because they do not leverage their existing relationships to help build business organically. An experienced business growth consultant can show you how to do this. In fact, iconnectu’s ICUGrow offers the best of all worlds when it comes to this. The program not […]


A Business Growth Consultant Can Offer Ideas on How to Diversify Your Products And/Or Services

It is important to not stagnate in your offerings.  Many businesses start out offering certain products and/or services only to find out that there is customer demand in other areas in which they can expand.  Customer survey calls are one method a business growth consultant can use to evaluate this.  Extensive research, competition analysis and […]

Business Growth Consultan

A Business Growth Consultant Can Evaluate Your Products / Services

You need to sell what people what to buy.  If your products and/or services are inferior, no longer in demand, or outdated, then you will continue to lose business to your competitors.  A business growth consultant can not only evaluate your products and/or services from a third-party perspective, but they can also conduct customer feedback […]