How a Customer Feedback Plan Helps Grow Your Business

How a Customer Feedback Plan Helps Grow Your Business

We are all about helping our clients grow their businesses.  Our proven methods and strategies continue to help companies take their businesses to the next level. Soon, we will be rolling out ICUGrow online trainings, designed to help you generate leads by leveraging existing relationships.  If you are going to leverage existing relationships, you will first need to make sure your customers are satisfied.

Successful businesses have a customer feedback plan which may include customer feedback phone calls and/or customer survey phone calls.  Our ICUCare customer feedback calls tend to be more effective than written or online surveys because your customers have an opportunity to discuss – in detail – what they liked or disliked about your product(s) or service(s) with a neutral third party.  Customer feedback phone calls are important to growing your business for three main reasons: 1) They offer valuable customer feedback which allows you to improve upon your products/services as needed; 2) Customer feedback phone calls give you an opportunity to identify satisfied customers who may be willing to refer colleagues, friends and/or family; 3) Your happiest customers are the ones most likely to try a new or different product/service you are offer – you need to know exactly who they are!

Going a little deeper into the last point, we sometimes we perform customer survey phone calls to gauge interest in a possible new product and/or service. This is a very important component to your customer feedback plan because it gives you an opportunity to know whether or not a particular new product or service you are considering rolling out will be of interest to current clients.  If there seems to be a lot of interest, then it may be well worth your time to market the new product/service.  If our customer survey phone calls reveal little or no interest, it may be time to re-think the potential return on investment.

Speaking of new services, we mentioned earlier in this article that we are preparing to launch our new ICUGrow online trainings.  These modules include proven, cost effective strategies to increase your qualified leads and help expand your business.  Once the program has been active for a few months, we will conduct our own customer feedback phone calls to gauge what you think, determine how the program is working for you, and learn more about what you may want to see added in the future.  So, stay tuned…..