Evolved Enterprises’s Chris Hay invites Iconnectu to “Hang Out” with their cool members

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Evolved Enterprise

Evolved EnterpriseIt was 2014 maybe and Iconnectu’s Michelle Grunberg was feeling very “alone” in the pursuit of other conscious companies that put “changing the world” into their business model.  There were moments of “what the hell am I thinking?”  “how could this work?” and “I should just give up!”.  Yanik Silver had just launched Evolved Enterprises and was getting a push by renowned platform guru Michael Hyatt.  Iconnectu has used Michael’s cool teachings to take Iconnectu national, so we were psyched to see what Yanik and his team were doing.  We bought a first edition of his book Evolved Enterprise: How to Re-Think, Re-Image and Re-Invent Your Business to Deliver Meaningful Impact and Even Greater Profits and it has never left our bedside table.  Iconnectu found a “friend” in the pursuit of building better businesses for the greater good.

Fast forward to 2017 and Yanik’s team asked the question, “What has Evolved Enterprises meant to your success?”  Naturally we answered their call, told our story, and shared about “our kids” around the world.  Next thing we knew we were invited to share our story with other members of their tribe and to hopefully inspire them to become “evolved”.  It was super fun and we share that interview with you here.  It’s in audio format – so feel free to multitask the heck out of it while listening.  We hope it will help inspire you to change what you do every day.

Iconnectu has a cool “giving in a box” product so any sized business can easily incorporate a Corporate Social Giving strategically and even profitably.  When companies do so they will be chosen 9 out of 10 times over their competition.  They also will attract millennial workers as they make a difference in the community.  It’s called ICUGive and it is the “Life support the community seeks aligned to your unique mission, vision and values.”

What are YOU doing to make a difference every day in your own work?  Share this up on your preferred Social Media and share your story with us.