Aaron Tracy, PA – OUR “Rightside UP Attorney”

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Aaron Tracy is the ONLY lawyer we like – no offense to the rest of you – but he “get’s it!”

He understands what we need, he asks the right questions, his fees are appropriate, and his advice is treasured.  Iconnectu was set up fine, but when we went through the DBE Application process we discovered that we missed some critical organizational parameters that needed repair.  Aaron’s advice was precise and he set us up for success.  Our Trademark was another proud moment to protect the name and identity of Iconnectu – thank you, Aaron.  You are “Right Side Up!”

Florida attorney Aaron J. Tracy founded Tracy Law, P.A., striving to provide quality legal services that are cost effective and practical to clients’ needs. Legal Services are provided with individual care and attention to address each client’s concerns. Tracy Law primarily concentrates in corporate law, not-for-profit law,business law, contractual law, estate planning, probate, and estate and trust administration. Additionally, Tracy Law addresses various other matters related to the core concentration, including potential tax-related matters.