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We specialize in gathering formal customer feedback to help companies better understand their customers, products and services. The goal of our customer experience calls is to gather honest and pertinent feedback that helps you assess where you are now and shapes the future of your business. A typical customer satisfaction call center deals with your […]

Abi in Sri Lanka sent Iconnectu a letter. We will be looking for her next Co-Sponsor. We make a difference in her life

Aiche in Mali sent Iconnectu and Aqua Plumbing & Air a beautiful letter Abi in Sri Lanka sent Iconnectu a letter. We will be looking for her next Co-Sponsor. We make a difference in her life. Gabriela from Columbia sent Iconnectu and Bay Area a sweet letter. She’s so beautiful.

Formal Customer Feedback

Our good friends at Aqua Plumbing & Air Services, Inc. sent us this awesome video testimonial from Ken Jackson, General Manager.  Take a look: iconnectu has been conducting formal customer feedback calls for Aqua Plumbing & Air Services, Inc. for several years.    We make customer satisfaction calls to more than 180 of their customers per […]

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Congratulations!  You’ve taken the step to hire iconnectu as your customer feedback service.  The information gathered during our customer survey phone calls will become invaluable to your business. What exactly should you do with this information? Michelle Grunberg, iconnectu’s founder and business growth consultant, has some tips to help ensure you get the most out […]

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Understanding how your customers feel about your products and/or services is an important part of any business strategy, yet it is often the one area that is most overlooked.  Here are some reasons why every company should invest in a reliable and dependable customer feedback service. Shows the Customer They Are Important Customer survey phone […]

10 years

As I reflect on these last ten years, I owe a lot of our fortitude to my family.  Seriously, without their love and support I would have likely given up on our dream to help end extreme poverty around the globe.  My husband, Mark, has always believed in what we are doing and has been […]

customer feedback calls

We are often asked why, as customer satisfaction company, do we feel that customer feedback calls are so important in the digital age?  The answer is actually pretty simple. It’s more personal.  Customer feedback calls conducted by a real, live person who also has a bit of valuable customer insight makes all the difference.  You […]

My goal?

My goal? To sponsor 1000 children out of extreme poverty by 2030! To do so, I need a partnership with World Vision and an assurance they will stretch my money – check. I need a business that can get to that goal – check. I need talent that can run alongside me as I go […]

Customer Service Calls

There is a distinct difference between the customers service calls we conduct and robocalls.  We touched on this in a previous article and would like to expand on it given the recent warning from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about the ongoing “One Ring” phone scam. The FCC recently issued a press release warning people […]

Aiche from Mali sent us and Aqua a letter

Aiche from Mali sent us and Aqua the sweetest letter Aiche sent us and Aqua a letter today! We got a new letter from Aiche