Grow Business Organically

A Business Growth Consultant Can Show You How to Grow Business Organically

Many companies literally lose out on thousands of dollars in potential revenue because they do not leverage their existing relationships to help build business organically. An experienced business growth consultant can show you how to do this. In fact, iconnectu’s ICUGrow offers the best of all worlds when it comes to this. The program not […]


A Business Growth Consultant Can Offer Ideas on How to Diversify Your Products And/Or Services

It is important to not stagnate in your offerings.  Many businesses start out offering certain products and/or services only to find out that there is customer demand in other areas in which they can expand.  Customer survey calls are one method a business growth consultant can use to evaluate this.  Extensive research, competition analysis and […]

Business Growth Consultan

A Business Growth Consultant Can Evaluate Your Products / Services

You need to sell what people what to buy.  If your products and/or services are inferior, no longer in demand, or outdated, then you will continue to lose business to your competitors.  A business growth consultant can not only evaluate your products and/or services from a third-party perspective, but they can also conduct customer feedback […]

Business Growth Consultant

How a Business Growth Consultant Can Benefit Your Company

Peaks and valleys are typical in any business.  However, when it gets to a point where there are more valleys than peaks, it may be time to consider working with a business growth consultant.   A neutral, third party expert can offer an outsider’s perspective of your business.  A business growth consultant will also identify ways […]

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Grow Business Organically – ICUGrow

Grow Business Organically – Our Tools Make it Easier Than You Think! Business growth is something always on the minds of business owners. In our last article, we discussed how to grow  your business organically using our customer survey phone calls.  Let’s take a look at another strategy iconenctu uses to help with business growth […]

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A Sneak Peek Into ICUGrow

While we cannot give away all of our trade secrets, we can give you a sneak peek into ICU grow and its step-by-step guidance on how to leverage existing relationships and build business organically. As business owners and sales professionals, we all take time to network and generate new business. However, we often overlook just […]

Give Daily and Get Joy, Peace and Personal Satisfaction

Give Daily and Get Joy, Peace and Personal Satisfaction

If you are older than eight years old, you likely agree that it feels better to give than to receive.  This time of year, it is even more keenly evident with the holidays approaching at super-sonic speed.  When we were young and immature (and some of us still are – lol), we loved the “get”.  […]


Using Fake Profiles and/or Computer-Generated Reviews

Yelp is an example of a company that uses a special software to detect fake reviews. Review sites are getting more and more savvy to how shady companies are generating manufactured reviews for their clients. For instance, many review websites will now pick up on someone who reviews a pizza shop in New York City […]


Beware of Companies that Manufacture Reviews

It’s really disheartening to see news stories exposing the dark side of customer reviews:  Companies that manufacture reviews for their clients are dishonest and unethical, period. Sadly, however, many of their clients do not realize this is happening until it is too late. At iconnectu, we pride ourselves on performing customer services calls that yield […]

This is Gabriella

Gabriella – World Vision

This is Gabriella. She is 3 months old and is the newest member of the Iconnectu family. We have been doubly blessed and are so proud of the work we have been doing performing Customer Experience Calls for Bay Area Air Conditioning. The child we sponsored in 2017, Angel, has moved to a new community […]