My goal?

My goal? To sponsor 1000 children out of extreme poverty by 2030! To do so, I need a partnership with World Vision and an assurance they will stretch my money – check. I need a business that can get to that goal – check. I need talent that can run alongside me as I go […]

Customer Service Calls

There is a distinct difference between the customers service calls we conduct and robocalls.  We touched on this in a previous article and would like to expand on it given the recent warning from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about the ongoing “One Ring” phone scam. The FCC recently issued a press release warning people […]

Aiche from Mali sent us and Aqua a letter

Aiche from Mali sent us and Aqua the sweetest letter

Happy Easter

We are so comforted that our business is led by the Grace of God.  I know that may not be “popular” and “comfortable” for all who read this – but that is the TRUTH, and we are truth seekers. We seek the truth through ICUGrow by showing you the WAY to grow your business by […]

Calling Customers for Feedback

Why Calling Customers for Feedback is More Effective (and less annoying) Than Written Surveys We love the cartoon Pickles and we especially enjoyed this one which pretty much sums up just how annoying written customer satisfaction surveys can be: View Cartoon Sound familiar?  Yep, Opal Pickles certainly makes her point.  When everyone is asking you […]

customer satisfaction survey

We are proud that our clients trust us to be their preferred customer survey provider.  We work with clients nationwide, delivering one of the highest quality customer feedback survey services in the industry.  When a business conducts a customer opinion survey, it signals to its customers that they truly care about them and the services […]


Today we want to make the case for Iconnectu’s ICUCare Customer Experience Follow Up Call Service for any service provider with less than 20 Technicians on the road. Iconnectu has made over 300,000 calls in three years, and as a result we were rock solid on the return on investment for our larger Dealers that […]

customer feedback surveys

Business owners are often so caught up in day-to-day operations, they don’t have proper time to devote to customer feedback surveys.  Finding out what our customers really think about a company’s products and/or services is often something that is put on the back burner, especially when business is booming.  Not conducting a professional customer satisfaction […]

client feedback calls

Have you ever lost a customer or client but did not know why?  If so, you are not alone.  Not knowing or understanding why a customer leaves for a competitor is probably one of the most frustrating problems a small business owner faces. We all know it is often more profitable and less time consuming […]

Lead from Within

We feel like this New Year is all about Love, and our friends at Cult Branding shared the same sentiment so I wanted to share a few ways we “show the love” at Iconnectu. Primarily, the job at hand of ICUCare is performing love based Customer Experience Follow Up Calls on behalf of our clients. […]