business growth consultant

How does your company rank among your local competitors?  This year, iconnectu is on a mission to find out!  Under the guidance of our business growth consultant, our client care manager, Natalie Fabbiani, will be qualifying the largest home multi-service providers in select U.S. cities to receive the prestigious Most Caring Company award. The iconnectu […]

Understanding What Your Customers Need During Uncertain Times

It is imperative to understand what your customers need, especially during uncertain times.  Many of the companies we serve have experienced a dip in their Google reviews as a result of COVID-19.  However, customer survey phone calls have proven successful in helping companies identify their customer’s needs during times of uncertainty. Let’s take a look […]

What a great Mother’s Day gift to get letters from our overseas children- Gabriela

What a great Mother’s Day gift to get letters from our overseas children- Gabriela Letters from Hector in Dominican Republic on Mother’s Day – blesses!

How Can iconnectu’s Growth Consultant Help My Business?

One of the most impressive aspects about partnering with iconnectu is that you have access to our business growth consultant, Michelle Grunberg.  Michelle’s vast experience includes work with esteemed companies including Walt Disney World, PayChex and Marriott. Her insight on how to leverage existing relationships and build business organically has proven invaluable for hundreds of […]

Join the Work From Home Movement!

Work-from-home jobs are gaining in popularity. Unfortunately, the marketplace is flooded with opportunities that are either too good to be true or require you to make an up-front financial “investment”. At iconnectu, we are continually seeking highly motivated self-starters to help us help our clients. Our exciting virtual opportunities in customer care and business development […]

Hector in Columbia thanked us for sending $100 at Christmas

Aiche in Mali sent us a nice letter thanking us and Aqua for their $100 Christmas present. So blessed. Abi from Sri Lanka sent us a Spring Letter if Love Hector in Columbia thanked us for sending $100 at Christmas  

Feedback Plan

The short answer is YES! ICUGrow is a program of iconnectu featuring video tutorials and e-mail consultation by our founder and business growth consultant, Michelle Grunberg.   Although ICUGrow is a different service than ICUCare, both play an integral role in helping grow your business organically. When we partner with your company through ICUCare, our business […]

Christmas message to our kids in faithful countries

We are sending our holiday blessings to our kids. Aiche in Mali, Abi in Sri Lanka, and Kejda in Albania are located in areas where being openly faithful in Jesus Christ is dangerous. This beautiful story is a safe way to show Gods love to our children. What are you doing to make a difference? […]

Kejda in Albania is seven now and sent us and Munns a package today. Awesome.

Kejda in Albania wrote us a letter. Aiche in Mali sent Aqua Plumbing & Air and Iconnectu a package today. She’s 8 now and learning to cook! Degemegn in Ethiopia sent DavisBros Heat and Air and Iconnectu a letter today. Hector in Dominican Republic sent Good News Pest Solutions and Iconnectu a letter today. Precious! […]

customer feedback

We specialize in gathering formal customer feedback to help companies better understand their customers, products and services. The goal of our customer experience calls is to gather honest and pertinent feedback that helps you assess where you are now and shapes the future of your business. A typical customer satisfaction call center deals with your […]