We welcome two new members of the Iconnectu family

Roofing by Curry in Sarasota, Florida has joined the Iconnectu family and has allowed us to make Thank You calls to their amazing customers. It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve this professional and reliable team. Emery comes to us as we say goodbye to Degemegn and we welcome him and his community […]

Degemegn in Ethiopia is leaving us

It’s with a heavy heart we say goodbye to this fine young man we have prayed for and sponsored since 2017. His community of Durame, Ethiopia is thriving and all aspects of health, education, and community are working well. We will continue to lift him up daily and have been honored to love this young […]

Merry Christmas from Geni in Eswatini

I wish I had all the time in the world to learn more about her country. She’s so grown now. Love our Geni.

Christmas card from Lelo of Lesotho

This is our newest special child. See how they say Merry Christmas in the Sesotho language. Special country. Very precious to our Natalie Fabbiani. This is “her baby”.

Abi in Mail sent us a Christmas message

Abi in Mail sent us a Christmas message She loves flying her kite with her brother. Nice. Gabby in Columbia sent us a gift She’s learning how to count! Aiche in Mail is doing well She learned to grow millet this year!