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Looking for a unique business-to-business gift?  Or, do you have a friend who owns a small business and would like to send them some holiday cheer?  If so, iconnectu can help! Now more than ever, business owners are seeking new, affordable ways to procure qualified leads and ensure customer satisfaction. Our business growth consultant, Michelle […]

Formal Customer Feedback

Have you engaged iconnectu’s business growth consultant to develop a formal customer feedback plan for your business?  If you haven’t, you are really missing out.  Our founder and business growth consultant, Michelle Grunberg, has a proven track record of helping companies build business organically.  She leads a dedicated team of professionals who help clients leverage […]

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It’s no secret, COVID-19 has changed how we conduct business and go about our everyday lives.  As we work with our clients to obtain formal customer feedback, one aspect to consider is how a company is adapting to their customer’s needs during COVID-19. If your business provides home service calls, this is something you definitely […]

Calling Customers for Feedback

Calling customers for feedback is much more effective than sending an e-mail or having customers complete an online formal customer feedback survey. However, there is an art to conducting customer survey calls.  Our business growth consultant, Michelle Grunberg, has more than two decades of experience with helping companies leverage existing relationships and build their business […]

Formal Customer Feedback: Does It Really Matter?

When we meet with potential clients, we are often asked just how much formal customer feedback matters.  After conducting more than 500,000 customer survey calls on behalf of our clients, we can honestly say that the answer is undoubtedly, “yes!” Our founder and business growth consultant, Michelle Grunberg, has spent her career researching, analyzing and […]

How Can Calling Customers for Feedback Help Grow My Business?

This article focuses on some ways calling customers for feedback can help increase profits and boost your overall business.  Let’s take a closer look: Leverage Existing Relationships Calling customers for feedback can be used to help leverage existing relationships and build business organically. A cost-effective way to generate new leads is through your current clients.  […]

business growth consultant

How does your company rank among your local competitors?  This year, iconnectu is on a mission to find out!  Under the guidance of our business growth consultant, our client care manager, Natalie Fabbiani, will be qualifying the largest home multi-service providers in select U.S. cities to receive the prestigious Most Caring Company award. The iconnectu […]

Understanding What Your Customers Need During Uncertain Times

It is imperative to understand what your customers need, especially during uncertain times.  Many of the companies we serve have experienced a dip in their Google reviews as a result of COVID-19.  However, customer survey phone calls have proven successful in helping companies identify their customer’s needs during times of uncertainty. Let’s take a look […]

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Many people have set up home offices, allowing them to work from home during the COVID-19 crisis. Some have discovered that they actually enjoy working from home and not having to commute to the office every day. If you find that you are one of those who prefers to work from home, then a career […]

Customer feedback calls

Intentional caring is the philosophy that guides iconnectu’s founder and business growth consultant, Michelle Grunberg.  Intentional caring involves taking time to get to know someone and intentionally reaching out to them to show them that you care.  It can be something as simple as asking someone how their children are doing or taking time to […]