Adapting to Your Customers Needs During COVID-19

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It’s no secret, COVID-19 has changed how we conduct business and go about our everyday lives.  As we work with our clients to obtain formal customer feedback, one aspect to consider is how a company is adapting to their customer’s needs during COVID-19. If your business provides home service calls, this is something you definitely want to consider.  Our business growth consultant, Michelle Grunberg, has some tips to help your service technicians adapt to the evolving needs of your customers.

Be Mindful of Remote Learning

Service techs should take notice if the customer has children who are taking classes at home.  If there is a learning session going on either with a parent or online, be mindful of this and try to keep noise to a minimum.  If the job requires noisy tasks (i.e. drilling, hammering, etc.) be sure the customer is aware so they can make appropriate arrangements (i.e. move children to another room in the home, etc.).

Recognize That More People Now Work From Home

Be aware that with more people working from home, your customer may be on video conference calls or conducting business over the telephone.  Make every effort to keep interruptions and disruptions to a minimum.

Be Respectful of Their Wishes

While not all municipalities require the use of face coverings, be mindful of the wishes of the customer. If the customer requests the technician wear any type of personal protective equipment (PPE) they should respect their wishes.

Are you interested to learn how your service techs are doing during these challenging times?  Calling customers for feedback is an effective and personal way to reach out and gather valuable insight. We can develop a formal customer feedback plan for your business and conduct customer survey calls to help you gain insight into your customer’s needs and overall satisfaction with your services.

At iconnectu, our specialty is helping our clients build business organically.  Whether you wish to receive coaching from our business growth consultant or have us perform customer feedback calls on your behalf, we are dedicated to helping you leverage existing relationships and take your business to the next level. Contact our business growth consultant to learn more today!