Calling Customers for Feedback: What Does This Entail?


Calling Customers for Feedback

Calling customers for feedback is much more effective than sending an e-mail or having customers complete an online formal customer feedback survey. However, there is an art to conducting customer survey calls.  Our business growth consultant, Michelle Grunberg, has more than two decades of experience with helping companies leverage existing relationships and build their business organically.  She leads a team of professionals who have been specially trained in the art of conducting customer feedback calls. Without giving away all of our secrets, below is a brief outline of what the process of calling customers for feedback entails.

Break the Ice

The first order of business when conducting customer survey calls is breaking the ice with your customer.  The customer care professional(s) assigned to your company will begin the conversation with a kind greeting and introduction.  Depending on the customer, we may engage in a casual, informal conversation before the survey process begins.

Ask Pertinent Questions

Once the ice is broken, we then begin the process of gathering formal customer feedback. Before conducting your customer feedback calls, we strategize the best approach for your business and outline questions designed to engage your customers and promote more than just a “yes” or “no” response. Our goal with calling customers for feedback is to gain valuable information about the delivery of your services, strengthen your relationships with your customers, and leverage existing relationships to help you build your business organically.

Action and Closing

After we ask pertinent questions and gather valuable information, the next step in the formal customer feedback process is to outline an action plan for your customer and then close the conversation. The action may be something as simple as, “Thank you, I will pass your kind words on to the company president” or as complex as, “I’ve noted your concerns and will have company management give you a call to discuss.”

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  If so, our business growth consultant and her team of customer care professionals can help. Call or e-mail us to learn more today!