How Can iconnectu’s Growth Consultant Help My Business?

One of the most impressive aspects about partnering with iconnectu is that you have access to our business growth consultant, Michelle Grunberg.  Michelle’s vast experience includes work with esteemed companies including Walt Disney World, PayChex and Marriott. Her insight on how to leverage existing relationships and build business organically has proven invaluable for hundreds of […]

Grow Business Organically

Grow Business Organically – Our Tools Make it Easier Than You Think! Business growth is something always on the minds of business owners. In our last article, we discussed how to grow  your business organically using our customer survey phone calls.  Let’s take a look at another strategy iconenctu uses to help with business growth […]

A Sneak Peek Into ICUGrow

While we cannot give away all of our trade secrets, we can give you a sneak peek into ICU grow and its step-by-step guidance on how to leverage existing relationships and build business organically. As business owners and sales professionals, we all take time to network and generate new business. However, we often overlook just […]

New Year’s Resolution – Leverage Existing Relationships to Build Business Organically

Would you like more time to spend with family and friends in 2018?  Do you want to attend networking events because you want to and not because you have to?  Would you like a steady stream of qualified leads to come in on a weekly basis, even while you are on vacation? If so, we […]