Most Caring Company Campaign Set to Roll Out in Select U.S. Cities

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How does your company rank among your local competitors?  This year, iconnectu is on a mission to find out!  Under the guidance of our business growth consultant, our client care manager, Natalie Fabbiani, will be qualifying the largest home multi-service providers in select U.S. cities to receive the prestigious Most Caring Company award.

The iconnectu team of customer experience representatives / customer feedback service specialists will be researching and ranking service providers based on information provided by elite sources and how well they run their companies.  iconnectu will use the Better Business Bureau, the local Chamber of Commerce, Angie’s List, Five Star, Business Journals, and a 25 touch point independent criteria process to ensure the top three and final winner will truly be the Most Caring Company in their city.  Never before has there been a true look at this important feature of an excellent service company.

Each company will be “graded” based on how well they care for their people, their dedication to improving processes, and how much they place the well-being of the community over profits.  The top five home multi-service providers will be notified and asked to provide additional information. Three winners will be selected and one will be named the area’s Most Caring Company.

The top three winners will receive:

  • Press release template to customize and post on company website / social media and distribute to local media
  • Announcement posted on iconnectu website and social media
  • Prestige of being in the Top three and a badge reflecting this

In addition, the Most Caring Company will receive:

  • 100 complimentary customer experience phone calls courtesy of iconnectu’s ICUCare team
  • Exclusivity for one full calendar year using iconnectu’s ICUCare calls
  • Most Caring Company badge to prominently and proudly display on their website
  • Link to criteria used to determine award winners

While being named a Most Caring Company will definitely help solidify their reputation and standing in the community, the most valuable aspect of the award is the 100 complimentary customer experience / customer survey phone calls they will receive.  Our professional customer experience representatives have made over a half a million calls that solve problems and create additional sales upwards of $50,000 per year.  These calls bring timely truth from the customer’s unique perspective while building the client’s brand through sincere gratitude.  This type of customer feedback service has proven extremely effective in helping iconnectu’s elite clients leverage existing relationships and build business organically.  If you would like to listen to a few examples, visit

“The main goal of our Most Caring Company campaign is to identify and recognize the local service providers who go above and beyond to deliver quality services and an excellent customer experience,” explains Michelle Grunberg, iconnectu’s leader and business growth consultant since its inception in 2009. “We then help the winning companies build on this by providing them with 100 complimentary customer experience calls designed to help them learn more about how to shape their business to continue to meet the evolving needs of their customers.”

The Most Caring Company program begins in June 2020 and will be rolled out in major cities across the United States including Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas, Kansas City, Denver and Phoenix. If you would like to be considered please contact iconnectu directly at

If you would like to learn more about iconnectu’s services, feel free to e-mail our business growth consultant. She will also be happy to tell you more about how iconnectu’s customer survey phone calls can help you leverage existing relationships and build business organically. Let’s get started today!