Understanding What Your Customers Need During Uncertain Times


Understanding What Your Customers Need During Uncertain Times

It is imperative to understand what your customers need, especially during uncertain times.  Many of the companies we serve have experienced a dip in their Google reviews as a result of COVID-19.  However, customer survey phone calls have proven successful in helping companies identify their customer’s needs during times of uncertainty.

Let’s take a look at some ways that customer survey phone calls have proven beneficial during the COVID-19 crisis.

Poor Customer Feedback Can Be Used for Good

When making customer survey calls, we gather both positive and poor customer feedback. While some companies may cringe at the thought of receiving poor customer feedback, we use it as an opportunity to identify areas that can be improved upon. During a pandemic or other crisis, poor customer feedback could indicate that more time and care is needed to make the customer feel confident and safe.  Sometimes an extra little bit can go a long way and help earn a customer for life!

Growing Your Business Organically

Customer survey calls, especially during uncertain times, can help you with growing your business organically.  When you are easing the minds and fulfilling the needs of your customers, they want to share that with their friends and associates.  While you may not be actively working on growing your business organically, customer survey calls have a way of helping do this on their own.

Show them You Are Still There and Do Care

Personalized customer survey phone calls during an uncertain time shows your customers that you are still in business and are concerned about their needs.  During the COVID-19 crisis, our customer survey phone calls focus on finding out how the customer is doing at this time and letting them know that the company we are calling on behalf of is ready to help in any way they can!

One of our clients reported they closed $30K extra sales last year just from our calls! If your business is in need of assistance, we are working hard and ready to serve you. We can help develop an ongoing strategy to leverage existing relationships, show you the fundamentals of growing your business organically, and be your customer feedback service that handles all of your customer survey calls. We will be rolling out an exciting new program in June where we will be actively searching for and honoring the “Best of the Best” home service multi-providers. Give us a call to learn more today!