Customer feedback calls

Intentional caring is the philosophy that guides iconnectu’s founder and business growth consultant, Michelle Grunberg.  Intentional caring involves taking time to get to know someone and intentionally reaching out to them to show them that you care.  It can be something as simple as asking someone how their children are doing or taking time to send a handwritten note or special gift. Many of us do this in our personal lives.  However, intentional caring can also help transform your business.  Let’s take a closer look:

Breaks the Ice

Customers often want to provide feedback to company management but are sometimes unsure as to how to best do so.  Customer feedback calls break the ice by giving your customers a point of contact and real live person to voice their thoughts.  Reaching out to them breaks the ice and shows them that you genuinely care. This goes a long way toward helping leverage existing relationships and building your business organically.


Too often, a company’s feedback plan relies on impersonal e-mail or paper surveys.  Worse yet, when customer feedback calls are conducted by a large call center reading a script, they are even less genuine. Our customer survey calls are made by professionals who understand the philosophy of intentional caring, which is why they come across as sincere and genuine.

Opens the Door to a Deeper Relationship

When customer survey calls are conducted with intentional caring in mind, a deeper relationship starts to ensue. Superficial customer relationships are often temporary. Intentional caring helps you leverage existing relationships and develop a stronger bond with your customers.  This is an essential element in helping any company build business organically.

Our business growth consultant is ready to develop a feedback plan for your company that incorporates our intentional caring concepts.  If you are ready to build your business organically in the upcoming year, then you need a team of experienced professionals by your side.  Let us handle your customer feedback calls so you can see first-hand how intentional caring can make a tremendous impact on your business.  Contact our business growth consultant today!