customer feedback calls

We are often asked why, as customer satisfaction company, do we feel that customer feedback calls are so important in the digital age?  The answer is actually pretty simple. It’s more personal.  Customer feedback calls conducted by a real, live person who also has a bit of valuable customer insight makes all the difference.  You see, when someone receives a personal phone call asking how they are doing or what they thought about something, they feel important – important enough that someone is taking time out of their busy day to call!

Sending an e-mail or link to an online customer opinion survey is impersonal and often uses a cookie cutter format.  At iconnectu, we are all about the customer experience.  Creating an exemplary customer experience doesn’t just stop once the service is delivered.  Here are some reasons why customer feedback calls are still considered the gold standard:

You took time to call

As we touched on earlier, customers realize it takes time out of your busy day to call and follow-up on the service(s) your company provided.  We understand you may not have the staff to make customer feedback calls which is why iconnectu’s customer experience experts take time to get to know you, your company and your customers to ensure each call is both purposeful and personal.

Positive feelings

Many customer survey providers use a generic script when making customer feedback calls. This can lead to the customer feeling like they are just another “number”. At iconnectu, our customer experience experts use engaging conversation with your customers. This not only shows them how much you care, but a satisfying conversation often results in your customers having a positive feeling about your company.

Solidifying your relationship

Customer feedback calls play an important role in solidifying your company’s relationship with your customers.  An online customer opinion survey does little to impact your relationship because it is so impersonal.  A personalized call makes all the difference!

We are dedicated to helping you gain important customer insight while cultivating relationships with your customers.  Let iconnectu help you create a customer experience that will keep them coming back.  Give us a call today!