customer feedback

We specialize in gathering formal customer feedback to help companies better understand their customers, products and services. The goal of our customer experience calls is to gather honest and pertinent feedback that helps you assess where you are now and shapes the future of your business.

A typical customer satisfaction call center deals with your business and customers on a superficial level.  We, on the otherhand, gain a comprehensive understanding of your business by diving deep into your services, product offerings, overall goals, etc.  The typical customer experience call center asks general, cookie cutter questions.  We develop a formal customer feedback strategy for each client.  This customized approach yields more honest and inclusive feedback, which is why so many businesses choose iconnectu for their customer satisfaction calls.

Once we gather formal customer feedback, what should you do with it? Here are some ideas:

Understand That Your Customers Thoughts and Ideas Are Valid

Sometimes formal customer feedback is undervalued and even ignored.  The key to success is selling what people want to buy, not necessarily what you want to sell.  Some consumers will pay more for excellent customer service.  Others may be willing to pay for something such as a maintenance plan, but only if it includes certain services.  Knowing this can help you re-shape and/or re-package your offerings.

Act on Feedback

Customer satisfaction calls are designed to gather honest feedback.  When you get positive feedback, continue what you are doing. And, understand that every company will get some negative feedback.  When some of your customer satisfaction calls yield negative feedback, consider what improvements may need to be made and develop a plan of action. If several customers report that they were happy with the end product, but not the overall customer service, take note.  They are providing this feedback for a reason.

Share Feedback with Your Employees

Formal customer feedback obtained from customer experience calls is invaluable and should be shared with your employees.  When employees receive compliments on a job well done, make sure everyone knows.  Also be sure to point out areas where improvements can be made.  Your employees are your “boots on the ground” so they need to have a comprehensive understanding of the formal customer feedback received during our customer experience calls.

Don’t trust just any customer experience call center with your customer satisfaction calls.  Our team of professionals will develop a customized strategy to gather formal customer feedback designed to help you take your business to the next level.  Give us a call today!