Can a Customer Feedback Plan Help Build Business Organically?

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Feedback Plan

The short answer is YES!

ICUGrow is a program of iconnectu featuring video tutorials and e-mail consultation by our founder and business growth consultant, Michelle Grunberg.   Although ICUGrow is a different service than ICUCare, both play an integral role in helping grow your business organically.

When we partner with your company through ICUCare, our business growth consultant and her team of professionals develops a customer feedback plan for your business.  This feedback plan includes a customized strategy and approach to gathering information integral to the growth and success of your business via customer survey calls.  Part of what we do when conducting your customer feedback calls is focus on retaining and cultivating current clients.  We also seek out success stories, reviews and testimonials that can be shared on social media and utilized by your sales staff to help them build business organically.

It is important that your customer feedback plan includes customer survey calls conducted by a team of professionals who take a personalized approach vs. a large call center which is stale and impersonal.   Customer feedback calls are also more effective than e-mail or online surveys because they give your customers the opportunity to candidly discuss their experience with your company, products and services.  The insight gained during customer survey calls can play an integral role in helping you shape your business and building business organically.Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  If so, iconnectu’s business growth consultant and team of experienced, qualified professionals are here to help.  Give us a call or reach out to us via e-mail to schedule your complimentary consultation today!