Calling Customers for Feedback

Why Calling Customers for Feedback is More Effective (and less annoying) Than Written Surveys

We love the cartoon Pickles and we especially enjoyed this one which pretty much sums up just how annoying written customer satisfaction surveys can be:

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Sound familiar?  Yep, Opal Pickles certainly makes her point.  When everyone is asking you to complete a written survey, it sure does feel like homework! This is precisely why iconnectu was born.  We provide a customer feedback service that not only offers our clients valuable insight into their products and services, but also helps their business evolve and grow. You see, to successfully grow a business organically, you must have good relationships with your customers and clients.  These relationships can then open the doors to new opportunities.  Michelle Grunberg, iconnectu founder and business growth consultant, is an expert in explaining how to grow a business organically (check out ICUGrow).  Grunberg is also very forward thinking when it comes to operating an effective customer feedback service.

If you annoy your customers when trying to gather feedback, you will not only likely get inaccurate information, but you will start to isolate the very people who support your business. When properly executed, calling customers for feedback is so much more personal and effective than written surveys. Grunberg’s customer service feedback success is rooted in the fact that she uses her business growth consultant expertise to train each member of her staff on how to successfully initiate and engage in calling customers for feedback.

The result?  iconnectu has received its own positive feedback and praise for how we interact with our clients’ customers. Here are some profound words from our founder:

“A customer of Good News said to me once, ‘I always answer the phone when I see this number because you guys are so nice.’ Bringing back civility, gratitude instead of homework and the customer owing us anything more. WE OWE THEM.” – Michelle Grunberg, iconnectu Founder and Business Growth Consultant

Are you interested in taking your business to the next level?  Whether you would like coaching on how to grow a business organically or are ready to engage a professional and proven customer feedback service, we can help!

P.S. Special thanks to Michelle’s lovely mom for sharing the Pickles cartoon with us!