calling customers for feedback

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), there are an estimated 1500 automated calls received every second in the US.  This “epidemic” has become so serious that the FCC deems “unwanted calls” as the biggest consumer complaint they receive. Over the past decade, robocalls, caller ID spoofing and other malicious tactics have caused many American’s to pause before answering their phones.

At iconnectu, we like to say we are bringing back the power of the phone.  Personally calling customers for feedback and conducing real conversations may seem like a thing of the past, but it definitely is not.  One of the best ways to develop true, long term relationships with your customers is to conduct personalized customer feedback phone calls – ones where your customers talk with a real person who actually listens.  We find that calling customers for feedback not only solidifies the relationship between company and client, but also helps grow a business organically. When a customer feels like a company cares, they are more likely to utilize that business again and also refer their family and friends.

A replicable customer feedback service provider such as iconnectu should not be confused with one that makes automated calls.  Automated, or robocalls, are degrading the telephone communications industry.  They are designed to be deceptive and manipulate.  They target random telephone numbers and often include some sort of sales pitch or scam.

Our customer feedback service operates under the guidance of iconnectu’s founder and business growth consultant, Michelle Grunberg.  Michelle is all about connecting people and learning from one another.  She feels that to grow a business organically, you must truly care about and have real relationships with your customers. Michelle’s forward thinking philosophies on how to successfully conduct customer feedback phone calls has helped iconnectu’s clients further develop and deepen their relationships with their customers.

Would you like to experience the power of the phone once again?  If so, we can help.  Our business growth consultant and customer feedback service expert is ready to take your call – literally!