Happy Easter

We are so comforted that our business is led by the Grace of God.  I know that may not be “popular” and “comfortable” for all who read this – but that is the TRUTH, and we are truth seekers.

We seek the truth through ICUGrow by showing you the WAY to grow your business by leveraging your existing relationships. – Communication Plans

We seek the truth through ICUCare by helping you discover the TRUTH as your customer see you giving you clear vision. – Customer Experience Follow Up

We seek the truth through ICUGive which is the LIFE support the community seeks aligned to your unique vision, mission and values. – Corporate Social Responsibility

So, on this precious weekend which celebrates the Way, the Truth, and the Life which is Jesus Christ-  we offer you a gift.  Troy McClellan, a colleague of mine, created this masterpiece symphony and recently released it to the public.  It is inspired by the account in the book of Genesis.  You can click the links and listen to its magnificence.  I hope it blesses you and your family.

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Genesis The Creation

Changing the world one phone call at a time,

Michelle Grunberg