Case Study: Munns Sales & Service, Inc.

Case Study Munns

Munn’s Sales & Service, Inc. (Munns) is a premier heating and air conditioning company founded in 1964. Munns serves customers throughout the Central Florida area. The company has consistently grown each year since it’s inception. However, as the heating/AC landscape became increasingly competitive, Munns turned to inconnectu in 2018 to help ensure their continued growth.

iconnectu Customer Experience Representative Nicole Thompson has made more than 144,000 calls on behalf of Munns over the past five years. The consistency of her efforts has paid off handsomely for Munns as they saw a $350,000 increase in revenue from equipment sales since implementing iconnectu’s customer experience program.

Additionally, approximately 25% of calls made resulted in compliments for the Munns technician that served the customer. There were also more than 200 issues identified and addressed, problems that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.  And, iconnectu was able to assist Munns with the onboarding of their new Service Titan software system.

“I highly recommend iconnectu to any company wishing to improve customer service, boost sales, and enhance the overall customer experience. The iconnectu team has done a wonderful job over the last five years. Beyond the numbers, our customers appreciate the personal touch of someone reaching out to them to follow up on the work that we have done. Also, for offering prayers when needed.” – Syed Ahmed, CFO, CPA  Munn’s Sales & Service, Inc.

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