Why Every Company Needs a Dependable Customer Feedback Service

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Understanding how your customers feel about your products and/or services is an important part of any business strategy, yet it is often the one area that is most overlooked.  Here are some reasons why every company should invest in a reliable and dependable customer feedback service.

Shows the Customer They Are Important

Customer survey phone calls are more personal than e-mail or written surveys.  When iconnectu conducts customer service calls on your behalf, we make sure each person we talk with knows that they are important and that their business is appreciated.  When someone feels appreciated, they tend to give honest feedback and are more likely to not only utilize your company again, but also refer their family and friends.

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Product or Service

Michelle Grunberg, iconnectu’s founder and business growth consultant, will be the first to tell you that to better understand your business, you need to step out of your business.  In otherwards, when you are in the everyday grind, it is often difficult to see your products and/or services as your customers view them.  Iconnectu is a third party customer feedback service that conducts customer survey phone calls on your behalf with no pre-conceived notions or biases.  This allows us to gain valuable information about your products and services from the people who are utilizing them.  You can then take their feedback – both positive and negative – into consideration and make adjustments to your offerings as needed.

Generate Positive Reviews

Our business growth consultant continually emphasizes the importance of positive customer reviews. When we conduct customer service calls on your behalf, we also help you generate authentic positive reviews and stories for Social Media.

Reinforces Brand Loyalty

Customer survey phone calls tend to lead to repeat business.  Repeat customers are loyal customers.  Brand loyalty is important to the sustainability of any business.

If you want to take your company to the next level, then iconnectu’s customer feedback service can help.  Spearheaded by business growth consultant Michelle Grunberg, our trusted team is ready to partner with you.  Give iconnectu a call today!