Don’t Trust Just Anyone with Your Customer Survey Calls

Customer Survey Calls

There are many companies who say they specialize in calling customers for feedback.  However, not all are equal.  The experts at iconnectu dig deep to ensure your customer survey calls are effective and yield the results you need to move your business forward.  Let’s take a look at what makes iconnectu different from other companies who claim to specialize in calling customers for feedback.

We Learn About Your Business

Our team takes time to get to know your business before we begin making customer survey calls on your behalf.  This is important because as an extension of your business, you want a team that knows your offerings, protocols and other important information about your business.  When we are calling customers for feedback, our knowledge about your company becomes an important resource in establishing a positive connection with those we speak with on your behalf.

We Do Not Use a Call Center

A call center is essentially a “bank” of people who make or take calls on behalf of numerous companies.  Their calls are often scripted and can come off as being less than genuine.  When obtaining formal customer feedback, it is important for the customer to feel comfortable so they can be completely honest in their responses.  Establishing a rapport when calling customers for feedback is especially important if you wish to leverage existing relationships to build business organically.

We Customize Our Calls to Fit Your Needs

We do not take a cookie cutter approach to our customer survey calls.  Calling customers for feedback can be used for many purposes.  When you sign on with iconnectu, our business growth consultant discusses your needs and develops a formal customer feedback plan / strategy for your business.

There is a true art to calling customers for feedback. If you want your efforts to be effective in helping you leverage existing relationships and build business organically, then iconnectu can help.  Our business growth consultant has decades of experience developing formal customer feedback plans for companies just like yours.  Contact us to learn more today!