Employee Engagement Surveys

I have heard many of our clients and influencers such as TripAdvisor and Uber talk about “employee survey fatigue”, so I decided to see what others were doing.

This article gives us a peek into what is happening at Facebook and it is fascinating:

  • When they asked people how long they planned to work at Facebook, they told them the truth and thus the firm was able to fill the employee turnover void predictably, and thus decrease it where they could.
  • People love to share their opinion, don’t you?   So why not give them a full opportunity to do so?
  • The questions asked are influencers in the workplace – including inspiring people to do community service – something we are passionate about for our employers.  Click here to learn more about what we are doing in this space.

At iconnectu we don’t offer a traditional email survey – in fact, we don’t do anything traditionally.

We have a team of professionals that are able to engage with Associates and ask them key questions like, “What do enjoy the most at work?”, “What is your least favorite activity?” and “What can we improve upon?”.  By keeping the dialogue open, honest, and refreshing iconnectu can breathe new life into the Employee Engagement Survey process while collecting the KPIs our clients seek.

Is employee retention important to your company?  If so, we can help!  Contact us to get started on your employment engagement survey today!