customer service calls

Calling customers for feedback is what iconnectu’s ICUCare program is all about.  ICUCare’s success centers on the quality of data gathered during feedback calls.  This valuable information is then used by companies to make adjustments, as needed, to their products, services and any other areas that customers feel could use improvement.

Not only do iconnectu’s feedback calls help companies retain customers, but they also support children in need.  You see, for iconnectu’s founder and president Michelle Grunberg, iconnectu, is more than just a business…it’s a way to give back.

“Early mornings I would take a run past a grocery store that was discarding food daily,” explains Grunberg. “I would then see on the news the plea for help for the poorest around the world – clean water, medicine, and education. This disconnect was the driving force in creating iconnectu. How can I show business owners how to connect, grow and grip their clients tightly in love, while giving back strategically and intentionally?”

Fast forward to today and iconnectu is a thriving company helping businesses succeed while giving back to those in need.  iconnectu, in partnership with the National Christian Foundation (NCF), actively supports World Vision:

  • iconnectu sponsors a new child for each ICUCare client that contracts for services. iconnectu clients receive regular updates and information on the children they are helping.
  • 10% of all gross revenue from ICUGrow and ICUGive is also donated.
  • iconnectu’s Natalie Fabbiani has future plans to travel around the globe and personally check up on all the children iconnectu supports. She will collect their stories and find out what the children want to do when they grow up. We will then do our best to support the child in maximizing their God given talent to accomplish their goals.
  • iconnectu also has plans to work alongside World Vision to care for disabled and abused children around the globe.

Knowing the funds iconnectu donates are received and used for their intended purpose has always been important to Grunberg.  This is why she has partnered with the NCF to   disperse and oversee iconnectu’s donations.

“A client first recommended NCF as an option for our foundation,” explains Michelle Grunberg. “I met some of the NCF Tampa reps and was impressed. When ICUCare took off and we could match clients to kids, NCF offered an excellent way to track our donations while providing us with transparency tools. This is extremely important to us and will remain a pillar throughout all we do.”

NCF and iconnectu have worked together since 2015. It has been an extremely rewarding partnership for both iconnectu and NCF.

“Rachel Marks at NCF has been great at keeping me informed and making certain our account is well-managed,” says Grunberg. “I’m comforted in knowing that the NCF will carefully evaluate any non-profit we decide to give to – now or in the future – to ensure they match our Christian morals and bring Glory to God.”

ICU Care and Customer Feedback Phone Calls – A Win-Win for All

Calling customers for feedback is the gold standard when it comes to gaining valuable information on how a company’s customers view their products and/or services.  Customer service calls are an often overlooked, but extremely valuable marketing tool for businesses.  Customer feedback phone calls are specifically used to help management make any adjustments necessary to improve the quality of their products and/or services.  In our experience, personalized customer survey calls, especially those conducted as a follow-up to a service call, demonstrate that the company truly cares about their customers. iconnectu has experienced professionals who take time to learn about the businesses they are represent and are specially trained in conducting effective and efficient customer survey calls.

Are you interested in learning how iconnectu’s customer service calls can benefit your business while helping a child in need?  If so, please contact us today.