Customer Service Calls

Calling customers for feedback is a marketing tool that many businesses tend to overlook.  Feedback calls give you the opportunity to really know and understand how your customers view your products and/or services.  You can also gain valuable insight on how you might tweak or adjust your offerings to make them more appealing.  Customer feedback phone calls tend to be more accurate when they are conducted by a qualified company that specializes in customer survey calls.

At iconnectu, we pride ourselves on being considered an industry leader when it comes to calling customers for feedback.  Let’s take a look at some reasons to consider partnering with a third-party provider such as iconnectu to conduct and manage your customer survey calls.


Having a neutral third party like iconnectu conduct your customer service calls can be invaluable in that we have no biases.  Our trained experts take time to get to know your business, products and/or services before conducting feedback calls on your behalf.  When talking with your customers, an unbiased expert may be able to identify patterns or anomalies that might otherwise go unnoticed.

More likely to gain “honest” feedback

Customers are more likely to give honest feedback during customer survey calls conducted by a third-party.  This is especially true with customers who want to provide true feedback but want to remain anonymous.  When conducting customer feedback phone calls, iconnectu’s experts establish a rapport and level of comfort with your customers.  This encourages open and honest conversation, dialog and feedback.


Calling customers for feedback is much more personalized than e-mail or automated surveys.  Our clients comment that their customers are impressed when they receive iconnectu’s customer service calls because our personalized approach shows your customers that you genuinely care.  Online or e-mail surveys and automated calls are especially impersonal and tend to get overlooked.  You can’t get more personal than customer feedback phone calls!

Are you ready to learn how feedback calls can be used as a powerful marketing tool for your business?  If so, contact iconnectu today!