Global Leadership Summit 2018

It’s the time of year again when we set aside our day to day work and sit shoulder to shoulder with Christian Business and Non-Profit leaders in my community. I’ve invited many of my friends and my associates this year. While I don’t think any of them are coming, I thought I should share what it means to me in hopes they may come next year.

I’ve learned that the only guaranteed return on investment I can make is the one in my education. I spend around $5000 a year attending conferences that open my eyes to my world, my community, and my personal development needs. Global Leadership Summit is part of that equation, although, I’ve gone as a guest of my friends at Aqua each year- it’s still an investment in time. This investment has yielded a thousand percent increase in my business revenue ($1,000 a month to $18K), cutting my work hours to 20-30 solid concentrated productive per week, me becoming a better role model for my daughter, my marriage has more passion, and I have a closer relationship with my Higher Power. You may ask, “how can spending two days in a church watching leaders talk for 12 hours over two days do that?” That’s simple! Because I listen, really listen. I make To Do lists as it’s happening then set strategic and realistic time goals to get them done. It’s easy. It works. I’m better for it.

One of the goals I set was to send a thank you note to each speaker at the summit. I’ve done it year over year. I’m proud that it was done. I’m sure it blessed them. Another was to thank the staff that worked hard to put it on. When I did that they asked for my story. You can read it here.

Inspiring others was easy. Following through on my to do list was simple. Growing little by little is an honor. Life is an adventure. I hope this will inspire you to do something soon to grow your world, your community and yourself. It’s worth every minute and penny.