Reflections from My Day

I keep a daily journal that begins just after my chapter reading in The Scriptures. I always reflect on the day before and give proper thanks. Today’s reflections may warm your heart:

August 16, 2018

WOW! What a grace filled inspiring day yesterday was! Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control plus comfort, strength and light – all the fruits of the Holy Spirit – were present at World Vision – in abundance! YHWH has honored this place. His feet move, His hands reach and heal when a suffering is revealed. World Vision is there. They deliver LOVE in the form of medicine, triage, and resources. World Vision workers provide FAITH – not their own faith, but that of God’s covenant Faith He will never leave us or forsake us – so World Vision brings clean water, housing, and a community is built up from the rubble. A human being who was suffering is given dignity when they obtain these needed resources. Finally, and a wonderful reflection of the Gospel – HOPE arrives in the form of education, protection from harm, equal rights and an end to abuse and injustices, an end to ridicule for being different. This HOPE allows the candle that was formed out of the heat of the tragedy to be lit, and placed on the table for all to see and God’s Love to be revealed. Whatever God’s destiny is for his sweet children they can find it and thrive, accomplish, and pay it forward. Beautiful World Vision, I am working for your success each and every day. Our aligned values are strong and our mission is one only God can accomplish. It was a great joy to speak gratitude and encouragement to Rich Stearns as he departed. It was equally frightening and honorable to tell Edgar Sandoval to hold us to 1,000 children by 2030. To meet and get to look into the eyes of Julianne Fry was like looking at a sister from another mother. Joelle, Leah, Corey, Kathy, Lisa, Doug, Brian, Drew and Joan at the Front Desk all made us feel welcome and at home. Meeting fellow donors like Julie, Erick and Marc was super too – I am not alone. It was a very nice, perfect and treasured day in the book of my life.

It was a great honor to be here.

There are days in your life in which you have a divine appointment – your wedding day, the day your children and grand children are born, the day you dedicate your life to the God of your understanding. Yesterday was a divine appointment for me with World Vision. It was blessed, sacred, and set apart and that makes it Holy for me…..

Thank you God for that honored filled moment in time.

With Love and humility,

Michelle Grunberg