Today we want to make the case for Iconnectu’s ICUCare Customer Experience Follow Up Call Service for any service provider with less than 20 Technicians on the road.


Iconnectu has made over 300,000 calls in three years, and as a result we were rock solid on the return on investment for our larger Dealers that have 20 or more Techs.

In 2018 a few “smaller dealers” brought us on to make their calls and they also found    excellent return – even at the same price point of $2 a call.  How?  We let them give us the previous week’s calls in a bundle – easy, efficient, and one Iconnectu Customer Experience Representative can manage her calls for maximum effectiveness.

Here’s what one owner had to say:

“Thank you to you and your crew for helping us get closer to our customers. The service you provide helps us tie up the loose ends that we may not know about. It also gives that extra step to show our customers that we are committed to providing the best customer service possible. Looking forward to our ongoing relationship in the future.” C.D.

That’s is awesome – but “show me the money (or numbers)”.  Here is what we found with Dealers who give us around 100 calls a week:

  • 2% of calls led to Increased Sales – BAM!
  • Over 1% left a story on Google+ or Facebook (positive ones :) – that’s over 1 per week
  • Almost 10% of the people we spoke to had a compliment for their Technician
  • Around 1 per 200 people had a slight problem needing “more love”
  • Only 3 per 200 were upset and through our notes were able to solve easily
  • Best yet – 1 out 100 people offered to share our client with their family and friends

Let that last one sink in – it’s a truly organic Key Performance Indicator of how well you are perceived by your customers – and we don’t “ask them” – instead they let us know on their own.

Want to hear a few calls?  Click Here to Listen to Iconnectu’s ICUCare Calls

Iconnectu is dedicated to excellence in Customer Care.  We have no contracts – only caring!  You can begin tomorrow and quit anytime you are not loving the love we share with your people.  We say, “We are changing the world one call at a time”.  Oh, and since this is new we are offering exclusivity in your market for the first year – at least!

Reach out to your Rep, or Michelle directly at 941-400-4164.