customer feedback surveys

Business owners are often so caught up in day-to-day operations, they don’t have proper time to devote to customer feedback surveys.  Finding out what our customers really think about a company’s products and/or services is often something that is put on the back burner, especially when business is booming.  Not conducting a professional customer satisfaction survey on a regular basis can actually hurt your business and inadvertently give your competition the upper hand.  Let’s take a look at some ways a customer opinion survey can help you stay ahead of the curve and offer valuable insight on how to grow and shape your business.

  1. “The truth as your clients see, giving you clear vision”:
    When iconnectu conducts a customer feedback survey on your behalf, we gather information so you have a clear vision of how your clients view your products and/or services.  Examples of what can be revealed on a customer opinion survey includes overall satisfaction with your company, professionalism of employees, how well your techs/employees performed their jobs and if there is anything that can be improved upon.
  1. Provide valuable input for employees:
    A properly executed customer satisfaction survey offers valuable input and feedback that can be shared with employees.  What employees received rave reviews?  Could some employees improve upon their customer service skills and/or need additional training?  Sharing both the negative and positive with your employees can help improve performance and boost morale.
  1. Better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your products and/or services:
    A customer opinion survey can reveal aspects of your products and/or services which really stand out.  It can also identify areas of improvement that otherwise may not have been recognized.

A professional customer survey provider such as iconnectu can help you better understand your customers and how your employees interact with your customers.  As a third party, we can often capture valuable information that an in-house customer satisfaction survey does not.  And, unlike an e-mail or written customer feedback survey, a personal telephone call often allows for more genuine, honest, authentic conversation.

There is no better time than now to consider a professional customer survey provider to help you better understand your customer’s needs and give you a clear vision for the future.  Give us a call and we will put our customer opinion survey experts to work for you!