client feedback calls

Have you ever lost a customer or client but did not know why?  If so, you are not alone.  Not knowing or understanding why a customer leaves for a competitor is probably one of the most frustrating problems a small business owner faces.

We all know it is often more profitable and less time consuming to cultivate current customers than it is to cold call and find new ones.  While marketing to gain new customers is something that is ongoing and necessary, it is just as important to retain and cultivate the customers you currently have.

This is where iconnectu comes in.  Our ICUCare program has proven, sustained success in conducting customer survey phone calls.  In fact, our client feedbacks calls program is so successful, we will be highlighting our clients’ accomplishments on our website in the upcoming year.

How exactly does ICUCare work?  We start by developing a custom feedback plan for your business.  We then set you up on our customer feedback portal and give you access to a personalized customer feedback dashboard.  Then, our customer retention experts take time to learn your business and understand your customers.  Once these elements are all in place we start making customer survey phone calls on your behalf.  You will get immediate results of your client feedback calls via your customer feedback dashboard.  It’s that simple!

If you are ready to boost your business in 2019, client feedback calls can not only help you retain customers, but also provide valuable insight into how your customers view your products and/or services.  Give iconnectu a call today!