Customer survey phone calls

When choosing a customer feedback service provider, you want to choose a company that has all of the right elements in place to gather the most pertinent information as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Let’s take a look at some qualities to consider when choosing a customer feedback service provider:

  1. Method

You want to choose a company that has a proven method to achieve results.  As we discussed in a previous article, e-mail surveys are an outdated and impersonal way to obtain quality customer feedback.  Customer survey phone calls generally take less time, are more personal, and provide a better method to gather honest feedback.  Customer survey phone calls conducted by a professional and neutral third party often produce a higher percentage of results vs. e-mail surveys.  Trained customer feedback service specialists can gather some very valuable feedback through customer survey phone calls.

  1. Bandwidth

Consider a company that has the bandwidth to properly execute customer feedback calls on your behalf.  Staff that is rushed or overworked will not be as effective when making customer feedback calls, which, in turn, adversely affects the data gathered. A quality customer feedback service provider will have a trained staff that is able to take the time needed to properly handle your company’s customer feedback calls.

  1. Track record

Sadly, there are many fly-by-night companies that boast about their ability to conduct client feedback phone calls.  There is a true art to calling customers for feedback, which is why you want to choose a company that has a pristine track record of successfully conducting client feedback phone calls.  Don’t be afraid to ask for references!

  1. Access to data

Calling customers for feedback is only part of the process.  When client feedback phone calls are made, data gathered from the call needs to be input and shared through a dashboard that you can readily access so you can address any urgent needs right away.

Calling customers for feedback is not something that should be taken lightly, which is why it is so important to interview and screen any customer feedback service provider you may be considering.  iconnectu is proud to be considered an expert in client feedback phone calls and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about how we approach calling customers for feedback.  Give us a call or drop us an e-mail – we look forward to connecting with you today!