World Vision U.S. announces new president and CEO: Edgar Sandoval
This is a great time for us. Richard Stearns, the second CEO of World Vision, has been such a great and powerful influence in Iconnectu. His book The Hole In Our Gospel is the second most influential piece in our journey. In it he outlines the plight of need in our world and what it will take to fix it. I love that!  Easy, for us, find 1,000 clients to make 10,000 calls per year so we can have 1,000 Customer Experience Reps and take 1,000 of the millions of children in extreme poverty into homes, in schools, with clean water. Once World Vision helps us with that, we will discover the God given dreams of each child and help make them come true alongside the client that co-sponsors them with us.
Read announcement and interview here.

I love this line in Mr. Sandoval’s interview:

Q: What have you learned from the children World Vision serves?

A: I’ve seen so many kids in the field, and what I see is optimism, is hope, is energy, despite the most challenging circumstances. I don’t know that I could survive a week in some of the places I’ve seen, but the kids, they are incredible. So, do their conditions break my heart? Yes. Do I want to change them? Yes. But the kids are ready — they are eager, they’re waiting for an opportunity. And that helps me to reignite. God breaks your heart not just to be sad, but to help you bring your very best to spur you to action for those children in need.

Iconnectu hopes to be a part of Richards retirement celebration and someday get to share our story with him in person. In the meantime. We will support Mr. Sandoval in all we do and find ways daily to help these precious children.

May God bless him and his family every day.