“The generous contributions of our corporate partners enable World Vision to make a powerful impact in communities here at home and around the world. With a wide range of turnkey and tailored partnership opportunities, programs and infrastructure in nearly 100 countries, and proven, trusted expertise, we help hundreds of companies each year make meaningful investments in the communities and causes that align with their corporate mission, values, and goals.”
Julieanne Fry, Philanthropy Officer – Transformational Engagement at World Vision

Results, Return of Investment and Future Plans

Iconnectu has trained and developed 30 professional Customer Experience Representatives ready to make 300,000 phone calls for their esteem clients over the next 12 months. As iconnectu’s founder Grunberg states, “What we really hope to accomplish is to bring 25 children out of extreme poverty around the globe alongside World Vision”. Her vision of creating a world free from hunger, oppression, and greed guides all she does. In 2017 Iconnectu formed the Iconnectu2Life Trust Fund to drive 10% of the company’s gross revenue toward this worthy cause. Michelle plans to save 1,000 children from extreme poverty by 2030 and stay with them to see them fulfill their life’s mission.