Motivate Your Team with Customer Feedback

Motivate Your Team with Customer Feedback

We all get energized by compliments.  When iconnectu conducts customer feedback calls and surveys, we capture both the positive and the negative.  While its human nature to dwell on the negative, there is a lot of benefit that can result from positive feedback as well.

We strive to obtain precise feedback when conducting customer service surveys. When you know exactly what made the customer satisfied or dissatisfied, you can address it head on.  Too often, however, management focuses so much on correcting negative behavior, they neglect to recognize those who are doing their jobs well.  Recognizing employees goes a long way when it comes to job performance and satisfaction, and using information gathered from customer feedback surveys and customer service calls is an excellent way to motivate your employees.

According to a 2016 research report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) titled, Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement – Revitalizing a Changing Workforce:

“Nearly half (48%) of employees reported that management’s recognition of their job performance was very important to their job satisfaction.”

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