Words of Great Wisdom

Customer Calls

iconnectu values our partnership with Right Performance Management and today’s posting contains words of great wisdom.

Our customer service follow-up calls gauge the truth as your clients see it. We use the three R’s: – Respect, Reliability and Responsiveness – as we make thousands of calls on your behalf. We show sincere gratitude and respect when we ask, “What can we improve upon?” We always use the customer’s name and thank them for being loyal to our clients. Whenever a service is completed, customers count on us to call and see how everything went. It allows you – our esteemed clients – to react quickly and decisively for anything their customers perceive as needing improvement. Finally, our clients display swift ownership of all problems that are uncovered. We uncover the “little” things most customers won’t tell a client. Responsiveness is taken to an entirely new level when we make our customer feedback calls.

The clients of Iconnectu’s ICUCare go above and beyond everyday and enter the Service Surprise Zone.

What has your company done to improve customer experience lately?

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