Customer Feedback on Your Products, Services and Competition

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Customer Service Feedback Calls

A previous article discussed how customer feedback can help you gain a better understanding of how your employees interact with customers and identify overall areas within your company that can be improved.  Today, we will look at two more ways customer surveys and customer feedback calls can benefit your business.

  1. Gauge interest in current and potential new products and services.

Some companies get stuck in the cycle of selling what they want to sell rather than what customers want to buy.  It is important to get customer feedback on your current products and/or services and anything new you are planning to offer. Perhaps that once popular widget is no longer in quite as much demand as before and needs to be replaced with a new product. Knowing what customers think of your offerings and adjusting as necessary goes a long way with helping ensure your company’s longevity.

  1. Understand more about your competition.

More often than not, customers are willing to offer feedback and information about their experiences – both positive and negative – with your competition.  Understanding your strengths and their weaknesses (and vice versa) is invaluable in helping your business keep one step ahead of the game.

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