Bay Area Air ConditioningIconnectu hosted a breakfast for our air conditioning clients, Bay Area,  in Crystal River, Florida the other day and we wanted to share some of the great things that happened.  First, we had around 25 incredibly professional technicians present and another 25 at a different location listening in.  The ladies and gentlemen that represent this company are top notch.  They were well dressed, clear eyed, focused on performing their job the very best they can, and it was such an honor to meet them.  Secondly, the entire leadership team was there – marketing, customer service, dispatch, operations and the top administrative leaders.  It was so nice to see everyone rallying together to make their company the very best it could be.  Finally, when we shared the results of the first 500 Customer Experience phone calls they were so excited.  We played recordings of the top 5 Compliment Collectors – man, the group was on fire!  It was great to watch their faces as their very own customers sung praises!  We could see those that did NOT make the top five puff up and “get their customer service” on.  We shared the good, the bad, and the truth with all of them.  It sparked a few of them to ask if they can gain their feedback directly when they uncover a “complicated customer”.  We said, YES, of course.  Iconnectu’s Customer Experience Representatives call each and every customer two days after a service was performed and ask them, “Is there anything we can improve upon?”  Our client’s customers are happy to let us know exactly what they thought of the service, ask any questions they may still have, and even go so far as to leave their experience on Google+ or Facebook.  There is no better way we can serve our clients than to share with them exactly what each and every customer feels about their service.  It is an honor and a privilege to make these ICUCare calls and to share them with the “folks in the field” is the icing on the cake.  Let us know if you have high employee turnover.  We can show you some ways reduce it overnight.