Let’s Get Going on Those Customer Feedback Calls!

Let’s Get Going on Those Customer Feedback Calls!

We specialize in conducting professional and affordable customer feedback calls.  We customize our customer service surveys to your business so our callers do not sound like they are telemarketers reading from a standard script. Customer service calls are serious business, and we treat them as such. Let’s look at a few ways customer service surveys and customer feedback calls benefit your company:

  1. Affords you and opportunity to re-engage past customers

Have you ever wondered why certain customers no longer buy your products or utilize your services?  Having a neutral, objective, and professional third party make customer feedback calls on behalf of your business can help you discover the real reason why you lost a customer. And, during the process of conducting your customer service survey, we will ask questions designed to gather valuable information on how you may be able to win that customer back!

  1. Identify dissatisfied customers

There are times when customers are dissatisfied but are afraid to let you know. These customers often eventually just fade away without you ever understanding the real reason why.  Customer service calls can be a valuable tool in identifying dissatisfied customers.  They also can be used to better understand what might be lacking in your products and/or services. Some companies diminish the value of customer feedback calls, a move that can prove to be very detrimental in the long run.

If you are ready to elevate your business to the next level, give iconnectu a call.  We will develop a customized customer feedback strategy for your business.

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