Grow Business Organically

Business growth is something always on the minds of business owners.  As a business growth consultant, iconnectu’s founder, Michelle Grunberg, has significant experience in helping people take their companies to the next level.  She has developed proven tools that have worked wonders for numerous clients.  Let’s take a look at some strategies iconnectu uses to […]


Yelp is an example of a company that uses a special software to detect fake reviews. Review sites are getting more and more savvy to how shady companies are generating manufactured reviews for their clients. For instance, many review websites will now pick up on someone who reviews a pizza shop in New York City […]


It’s really disheartening to see news stories exposing the dark side of customer reviews:  Companies that manufacture reviews for their clients are dishonest and unethical, period. Sadly, however, many of their clients do not realize this is happening until it is too late. At iconnectu, we pride ourselves on performing customer services calls that yield […]

ICUGrow – Lead Generation for Business – Online Training Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that iconnectu will soon be offering ICUGrow online training courses.  Lead generation for business is one of the biggest pain points in most companies.  But, did you know that many of your best leads are right at your doorstep?  Business to business lead generation and business to business referrals are […]

How a Customer Feedback Plan Helps Grow Your Business

We are all about helping our clients grow their businesses.  Our proven methods and strategies continue to help companies take their businesses to the next level. Soon, we will be rolling out ICUGrow online trainings, designed to help you generate leads by leveraging existing relationships.  If you are going to leverage existing relationships, you will […]

Daily Dashboard – Your Direct Portal to Customer Feedback Calls

A pitfall to many customer retention programs is that results from daily customer feedback surveys are not readily available until after all the customer service calls are made. Depending on the type of customer retention program your business subscribes to, it could literally be weeks before you have access to all the data gathered during […]


Our professional customer experience representatives (CERs) are wonderful leaders. They practice the fine art of “getting to the truth” with each of their thousand phone calls per day. When a customer is speaking, we must be patient, and careful not to speak over them. We use a technique learned at Walt Disney World called LEARN […]

Unhappy Customer

When Iconnectu makes customer service / experience follow-up calls on behalf of our esteemed clientele, we are able to remove many of the “emotions” associated with unhappy clients as we are an independent third party. How do we do that? It’s easy! We are not inside the operation and don’t know the source of the […]

Customer Calls

iconnectu values our partnership with Right Performance Management and today’s posting contains words of great wisdom. Our customer service follow-up calls gauge the truth as your clients see it. We use the three R’s: – Respect, Reliability and Responsiveness – as we make thousands of calls on your behalf. We show sincere gratitude and respect […]

Customer Feedback Plan

Some companies use the information iconnectu gathers when making customer feedback calls to develop a formal customer feedback plan. One way to tackle this is to have management gather staff into one room and discuss just the positive results of the latest customer service surveys. During this time, specific staff can be recognized and rewarded, […]