The Fine Art of Getting to the Truth

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Our professional customer experience representatives (CERs) are wonderful leaders. They practice the fine art of “getting to the truth” with each of their thousand phone calls per day. When a customer is speaking, we must be patient, and careful not to speak over them. We use a technique learned at Walt Disney World called LEARN (Listen, Empathize, Apologize, React, and Notify) when we uncover a client in need of solutions. The key to the “L” is to carefully listen for both verbal and non-verbal cues. It’s not easy over the phone, but our CERs are excellent at pulling out sincerity and the truth as our client’s need to hear it. While we can’t see their body language – we can hear it clearly through inflection and speed of speech. This article by our esteemed colleague, Marc Simms, is spot on. When Marc asks, “what systems can you put in place now to insure you get the truth in order to be successful “– the answer is Iconnectu’s ICUCare.

Allow us to help bring you the truth today and become the leader you were meant to be with full knowledge of exactly how your customers see your business.

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