Customer Feedback Calls

Knowing how your customers truly view your products and/or services is vital to the sustainability and longevity of your business.  Customer feedback is one of the most important aspects of any business, yet it is often overlooked.  Customer surveys and customer feedback calls are two effective ways to gauge what your customers really think.  But, the benefits of customer feedback go well beyond just giving you an idea of how your customers view your business. Let’s take a look at why customer feedback is so important:

  1. Gain a better understanding of how your employees are interacting with your customers.

Understanding how your customers perceive your employees is vital to every business.  If an employee makes a customer feel uncomfortable, or, if they have a negative experience with an employee, they could consider taking their business elsewhere.  More often than not, if an employee is making one customer uncomfortable, it could be happening with others.  Therefore, the problem needs to be identified and dealt with promptly.  One example of this occurred with respected veterinary practice.  The veterinarian and vet techs are highly qualified and loved by their clients and pets.  However, people were starting to go elsewhere for no apparent reason.  Upon conducting customer surveys and customer feedback calls, it was discovered that the receptionist was making people uncomfortable with the way in which she handled their phone calls and requests.  This was important to identify so the receptionist could be re-trained before more clients chose to leave the practice.

  1. Identify areas where your company can improve.

This may seem basic, but, more often than not, companies are so busy delivering services and products that they overlook areas where they can improve. Customer feedback calls and customer surveys can help assess a number of areas including: pricing, customer support, warranties, delivery time, quality of products/services and more.

We’ve already identified some concrete areas where customer feedback can prove beneficial.

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