Develop a Formal Customer Feedback Plan

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Customer Feedback Plan

Some companies use the information iconnectu gathers when making customer feedback calls to develop a formal customer feedback plan. One way to tackle this is to have management gather staff into one room and discuss just the positive results of the latest customer service surveys. During this time, specific staff can be recognized and rewarded, thus motivating them and other staff to continue to strive for excellence.  Showcasing what made customers happy and recognizing the employee(s) involved not only reinforces their good work, but provides an example to motivate the rest of your staff to do the same. When doing this, set a meeting to discuss ONLY the POSITIVE results of the latest customer feedback surveys. Save the negative feedback for individual reviews or regular staff meetings.

An added bonus of using iconnectu for your customer feedback calls is that we give our clients actual recordings of our calls.  This allows the employee to hear exactly how much their customer appreciated them and is most definitely the highest form of compliment!  This strategy decreases turnover by 10% in 90 days and up to 50% over 12 months.

Have you considered using iconnectu to conduct your customer feedback calls? Our program is not only affordable, but it is customized to fit your business.  Our friendly customer service survey experts take time to get to know your business to ensure they are obtaining the most useful and relevant customer feedback. Investing a little now in conducting qualified customer feedback surveys can go a long way toward improving employee morale, motivating staff, and improving overall customer satisfaction.

How do you use the information gathered from customer feedback calls? Do you have a positive experience to share? If so, we would love to hear your story!