ICUGrow – Lead Generation for Business – Online Training Coming Soon!

ICUGrow – Lead Generation for Business – Online Training Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that iconnectu will soon be offering ICUGrow online training courses.  Lead generation for business is one of the biggest pain points in most companies.  But, did you know that many of your best leads are right at your doorstep?  Business to business lead generation and business to business referrals are […]

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The Fine Art of Getting to the Truth

Our professional customer experience representatives (CERs) are wonderful leaders. They practice the fine art of “getting to the truth” with each of their thousand phone calls per day. When a customer is speaking, we must be patient, and careful not to speak over them. We use a technique learned at Walt Disney World called LEARN […]

Business Relationships
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How to Create Real-ationships – Really Fast

Have you ever met someone that instantly made you feel comfortable?  You felt that you had known them forever?  Maybe, you run into them from time to time and they always have a kind word to say.  Perhaps, they remember the little things about you that many people don’t. This is not a coincidence – […]

Customer Service Feedback Calls
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Customer Feedback on Your Products, Services and Competition

A previous article discussed how customer feedback can help you gain a better understanding of how your employees interact with customers and identify overall areas within your company that can be improved.  Today, we will look at two more ways customer surveys and customer feedback calls can benefit your business. Gauge interest in current and […]

Evolved Enterprise
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Evolved Enterprises’s Chris Hay invites Iconnectu to “Hang Out” with their cool members

It was 2014 maybe and Iconnectu’s Michelle Grunberg was feeling very “alone” in the pursuit of other conscious companies that put “changing the world” into their business model.  There were moments of “what the hell am I thinking?”  “how could this work?” and “I should just give up!”.  Yanik Silver had just launched Evolved Enterprises […]


Hottest Trend in Marketing – Corporate Social Giving by Iconnectu

The Newest Trend in Marketing: Move your marketing dollars to fix something that breaks your heart. For every $1,000 you give in money, time, and resources earn $5,000 in new business! Check out this 2 Minute Video: How often does your firm get asked to support a local cause? How do you decide which cause […]