Customer Feedback is the Truth You Seek

Customer Feedback

How does a small to medium sized business see the TRUTH as their customers see it?  They can ask them, right?  Just asking them is a very bold move.  How do we ask?  We can host a customer appreciation event and invite them to tell us in person.  We can send them a customer survey once or twice a year.  We could have our representatives ask them while doing what we do.  We could pick up the phone and call each and every one of them and thank them for their business and ask a very important question such as, “Is there anything we can improve upon?”

No matter what method, gaining customer feedback is critical to any business improving.  If we assume we are doing fine, business keeps growing, we are gaining more new people than we are losing we are bound to make decisions that are not relevant to their marketplace and our business will go off course.  We found a very interesting article that had many statistic sources, but the Small Business Administration claims that 1/3 of all small businesses fail in the first 2 years. Click here to read the article. I wonder how many of those that succeeded asked their customers how they were doing?  Now that would be a great study for the SBA.  Lars Lofgren of Kissmetrics published a great article in which he listed the top 5 ways to gain feedback from clients.  Why should we listen to him?  He has his Google Analytics Individual Qualification (he’s certified).  His favorite way was by reaching out directly!  AWESOME.  We agree.  To read his article click here.

How does a business reach out directly effectively, efficiently, strategically, and gain real data?  That is the question we pose our team every day.  Iconnectu’s ICUCare Customer Experience Feedback tool is an excellent way to outsource these calls.  To date we have made over 30,000 phone calls for our awesome clients.  Every day we ask their customers, “How are you today?”  “How was everything with XYZ?” and “Is there anything we can improve upon?” – people are shocked.  They are expecting us to try to sell them something any minute, and when we don’t they LOVE IT!  We end the call with a sincere thank you and send anything we discovered on to our client.  Some things we find (around 6%) need attention the same day – those are TIME SENSITIVE and our clients can plug any holes they have in the retention funnel.  Our clients average an increase in customer retention of 10% almost immediately.  When we get a happy person we can collect a positive story on our client’s preferred Social Media such as Google + and Facebook.  AWESOME organic SEO at a rate of 1%.  We get compliments on how well the staff did so employee turnover is reduced easily.  Finally, by adding another sincere gratitude touchpoint to the sales funnel we help close business at around 1% of all calls.  We have a team that works around the United States from home, so our virtual workforce keeps the price of call around $2 each.  ICUCare is amazing click here if you want to check it out.

If you need to know the TRUTH as your customer see it – the good, the bad, the ugly ICUCare provides it daily. If you abhor those archaic email customer surveys’ that often yield less than a 15% return – let us help you reach at least 60% of your customers.  The other 40% receive a brand specific thank you message.  It’s awesome.  We have had great success helping air conditioning companies and have the endorsement of Carrier Enterprises.  Pest Control firms have found that ICUCare provides the missing connection between Customer and Technician since most of the work is done when they are away from home.  We would like to help anyone in the Home Improvement vertical.  Boutique Hotels of 200+ rooms could gain great insight and positive Trip Advisor posts every day.  Iconnectu seeks Specialty Medical clients such as Eye Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Dental Surgeons so we can help the nursing staff follow up and field some of that work off their very busy plate.  We also think special projects and event follow up for Non-Profits would be a good fit.  We are open to anyone that wants to sincerely “Thank” their customer and move them to loyal clients forever.

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