The Global Leadership Summit impacts 100’s of Thousands around the world.  Iconnectu has impacted them……


Do you have a dream to leave your business to one of your children?  Are you giving to widows and orphans every paycheck? Do you take part in saving the planet?  What is YOUR legacy? If you don’t know, haven’t thought about it, and don’t know where to start- check this book out recommended by […]


So all week we have talked about the power of Millennials in the market. Today I learned that 90% of the graduates in my local community seek employment elsewhere because they perceive it as unattractive and that the employers do not provide what they want – good location, decent pay- AND corporate socially responsible practices. […]

What are Millennials looking for in a company when they graduate from college? 82% of 10,000 global students said they would choose a company with a CSR policy over one without. In fact, they said they would agree to earn less! That would have NEVER happened 20 years ago, right? Check this new cool collaboration […]


Millennials are joining the workforce or starting companies every day. What are YOU doing to attract, capture, and keep this new workforce? Third only to location and pay, the Millennial workforce loves to work with a purpose. ICUGive, our newest product, has a proven method for attracting, capturing, and keeping this new workforce. Oh, and they also […]


HERO|farm – Founded by two laid-off advertising executives, HERO|farm is a social mission-focused marketing and design agency whose philosophy is “Do great work for good people.” The duo behind HERO|farm made the decision to work with socially responsible companies after realizing how beneficial and impactful advertising can be when a company has an admirable mission. […]


Today my daughter is preparing for her first prom.  She is only a Junior in High School, so there may be another one in the future.  But, if someone had said to me when I went to my prom, “Hey, someday you will own a successful business, work with your best friend, have the flexibility […]